سه‌شنبه، شهریور ۱۷، ۱۳۸۳

Miss Iran

the question is : why women should use their bodies to attract men ? what dose miss world means? what is its importance? my answer is:all of us are human beings and nothing is important to a human a real human exept mind, the way of thinking. I belive the way we are dressed is not important if I am a gril or a boy is not important.
In Iran women thay have to do Hejab , Hejab means they wear all of thear'body to men's see . In Iran , Miss Iran is forbiden ! But out side the Iran can taks Miss Iran , exp in Dobey . Miss Iran in dobey is IPN Miss Iran , You can see Miss Iran'photos in this site .

miss iran 1

miss iran 2

miss iran 3